Hundred Club

The Hundred Club is open to all members.

The cost of the Hundred Club is £10 per personp per session.

For this you get the chance of winning one of two £10 cash prizes every Sunday for ten weeks, the draw is made at 2pm in the Club Room at the same time as the Sunday Drinks Raffle

At the wnd of the ten weeks there is a Hundred Club Party night where all Hundred Club Members recieve a free set meal (choice of two) and a £1.00 voucher off the price of a drink (Note only valid on the night).

Following the meal there is a draw for cash prizes* of £100, £50 & £25

* the Hundred Club rules are that you must attend the Party Night to be included in the draw for the cash prizes drawn on the Party Night. The only exception to this rule is that you will be included provided you have contacted the Club Secretary prior to the party with a valid reason for non attendance, ie Ilness, Holidays etc.

To Join the Hundred Club please see any Committee Member for details.

2019 Party Night Dates

Thursday 28th February
Thursday 23rd May
Thursday 22nd August
Thursday 28th November