Regular activities at Denvilles Club include:-

Bar Billiards

Daily in the Main Bar (excludes Function Nights).


The Bridge Clubs are held on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings.


The Cribbage Club meets Thursday evenings, see the "Cribbage Page" for full details.


Daily in the Main Bar (excludes Function Nights).


Daily in the Snooker Room, a small charge applies.

Quiz Nights

The Quiz is held in the Panel Room on First & Third Thursdays of each month 8pm for a 8.30 start.

The Quiz consists of 50 questions on general Knowledge with a break halfway through to recharge glasses and is done with Good Humour( i.e. not too seriously).

No Prizes are involved and therefore it is free to participate.

A while ago interest was waning, due largely to the fact that the same table of four were winning most of the time. In an attempt to avoid this and to rekindle interest we adopted the practice of picking coloured beads from a ‘HAT’ to decide randomly who sat with who, thus all the RED beads sat at the same table and so on. This means that you never know who you will be teamed with, and it also has the advantage that should a solitary newcomer join us then he/she would immediately be part of one team or another.

We take turns to compile and present the quizzes (although there is no compulsion) and your turn comes round about 3 to 4 times a year (more players = less frequently).


The Whist Club meets on Tuesday evenings.