Members Stories

Members, their families and friends are invited to tell their stories and anecdotes no matter what the subject they will be of interest.

Denvilles Club has a wide variety of members across a wide age group. There must be many tales that are untold.

Whether it is wartime exploits as in Len Butts story of his D-Day as a Sapper on the beaches of Normandy or your wartime memories at home.

It could be a hobby or interest that you want to tell us about as did Mike Saunders who tells his story of the Restoration of his 1939 Morris 8.

You may have been on an Exotic Holiday. Or you may have interesting History in your family "Great uncle John was hung at Tyburn", or "Granddad was in the Bengal Lancers"

Do you have or have had an interesting job?, I was a Jockey! I was a Footballer!

Do you have any information stories about Denvilles Club or Denvilles House? We are looking for items to include on our History page.

Do not worry about typing it out, we will do that for you if you prefer and if you have any photographs or other documents that add visual interest to your story these can be, with your permission scanned into the page.

If you have any Stories that you would like to share please speak to Debbie Wilsher or any Committee Member.