Covid-19 Social Distancing in the Club

The Staff and Committee have been working hard during lockdown to make the Club as safe as possible for members during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Entry to the Club is via the front door using your swipe card.

Face coverings must be worn in the club at all times except when seated at your table. Face coverings must be worn when visiting the rest rooms, playing the gaming machines and visiting the smoking area.

Inside the hall you will see Sanitizer on the hall table. Please use this before proceeding any further into the club,

There are Sanitizer dispensers throughout the Club, they are there for your safety..... PLEASE USE THEM!

Disabled members may still enter and leave the Club via the door adjacent to the Kitchen.

We do ask able bodied members not to use this entrance as we are trying to maintain Social Distancing throughout the Club and the corridor is too narrow to pass another member safely.

Exiting the Club must be via the door adjacent to the Bar Billiards Table. This enables us to have a One Way System within the Club ...... in the Front Door and out the Side Door. This ensures that members maintain Social Distancing. This Door must not be used as an Entrance!

On entering the Club Room you will find that it looks far different than what it looked like before shutdown. The Bar Stools have gone! Replaced with tables all around the Bar.

This is to protect our staff by ensuring that there is a Social Distance between the staff and members.

Proceed down to the far end of the bar to register for Track & Trace*. Proceed to a table wherethe staff will take your order and payment. Your drinks will be brought to your table.

*The Government requires us to destroy the Track & Trace information after 21 days.

At busy times you may need to queue along the tables. The Tables are marked with black and yellow tape to indicate 2 metre spacing.

When you leave the club, please notify the bar staff so that you can be logged out of the Track and Trace and so that the staff know that you have gone so that your table can be cleared and SANITIZED before the table is allocated to the next member.

The layout of the seating / tables have been set out to ensure Social Distancing. You are respectfully asked not to move any furniture

Entry to the Panel Room is via the door by the Bar Billiards. The door from the Hall is locked.

Like the Club Room and Panel Room the Restaurant has had its layout changed to enable Social Distancing. As there are far fewer tables it is advisable that you phone and book in advance to eat in the Restaurant 023 9249 2280 alternatively you can eat in the Bar.